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So recently I found an old harddisk I used years ago which is encrypted with LUKS. Bad enough I knew that LUKS is pretty hard to crack, but worse when you don’t remember the passphrase (or password) and you suspect some valuable gems on this disk. How does LUKS work What makes LUKS so hard to crack is that PBKDF2 is used to process the passphrase. This means that the passphrase gets hashed over and over again (iteration) to slow down any bruteforcing.


I found time to install let’s encrypt. Now the transport is encrypted. Remember though that the connection is not anonymous, a simple nslookup will tell you what server was addressed. It must be said that the setup was very easy and quickly done. Unfortunately the certbot requires python.

changing to hugo

I just changed the blog to because maintaining Wordpress (though the updates installed automatically) is running on PHP and I don’t want PHP. Static is king.

Disable standby when closing laptop lid

Checked against Kali Linux 2.0. In /etc/systemd/logind.conf edit HandleLidSwitch=ignore And then restart the daemon with: # systemctl restart systemd_logind