Here’s stuff that I think I should note down about networking be it ethernet, wifi, samba or wireshark. Basically everything that took me more than 5min to search for and took some try and error.

Samba / SMB / CIFS

Connect to share

Mount a certain share. Remember that smbclient will not use higher than NT1 if you don’t override with the -m switch. Plus Thunar and Dolphin seem to ignore higher Samba protocol level and just silently won’t connect to the share. Bear in mind though that smbclient actually allows use encryption for the traffic whereas mount.cifs does not.

sudo mount -t cifs -o users,rw,uid=your-uid,username=uname,vers=3.0,sec=ntlmsspi,soft //server/share mount-dir

Status of Samba Server

You can use smbstatus to see what client is connected with what settings.

rsync / ssh

rsync over ssh on different port

rsync -e "ssh -p1234" local-folder user@host.tld:/path/to/target